Location – Located in the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver, B.C., the property is accessed via Dollarton Highway. The property is ideally situated just minutes from Cates Park, Deep Cove, and is easily accessible from Highway 1, affording convenient access to North Vancouver, downtown and the rest of Metro Vancouver. Scools, shopping and a wide array of activities are just steps away.

See Map (PDF)

Oct. 27/14: Lot Size Envelope for Lot B, consisting of 6 Strata lots

Details Here (PDF)

Oct. 2/15: STC Lot B Title Registration

STC Lot B Title Registration Oct. 2015

Apr. 14/09: Development Servicing Cost Estimates

Ponte Bros. Contracting Ltd.

Sept 15/15: Application for Residential Shared Dock Permit

Dock Drawing Bluewater Systems 15 Sept 15

Eelgrass Survey 2015

Thru Flow Panel Apr 29 15

Thruflow Light Penetration Test Apr. 29 15

Aug 22/14: Landscape Drawings

Bridge cross sections (Nairne)

Cul-de-Sac Retaining Wall concept                       Cul-de-Sac Retaining Wall

L1-L5 Page 1                                                                L1-L5 Page 2

L1-L5 Page 3                                                                L1-L5 Page 5

Lower Lot Sections                                                    PECI – Cul-de-Sac Walls A1 Size

Structural Walls & Bridge Foundations

Aug 30/13: DNV ( Dist of N Van ) Subdivision Approval Letter has been posted. This letter was prepared to clearly establish the outstanding requirements to, ultimately, enable the Approving Officer to sign the subdivision plans.
Details Here (PDF)

Aug 15/13: Servicing Agreement Letter (District of North Vancouver)
Re: 3707 Dollarton Highway – Development Servicing Agreement
The engineering plans and cost estimates for the above noted development have been
reviewed and accepted by the District of North Vancouver staff.
Details Here (PDF)

Aug 15/13: LANDSCAPE COST ESTIMATE: OFF-SITE WORKS District of North Vancouver-Community Planning.
Details Here (PDF)

Aug 15/13: Offsite Cost Estimate (Creus Engineering).
Details Here (PDF)

Aug 15/13: David Nairne & Associates Engineer’s Cost Estimate of Structural Work 3707-3739 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver,BC.
Details Here (PDF)

Aug 15/13: SUBDIVISION SERVICING AGREEMENT (District of North Vancouver)
THIS AGREEMENT is dated for reference the 15th day of August, 2013. BETWEEN:
0805019 B.C. LTD., a British Columbia corporation having an office at 3707 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver, B.C., V7G 1A1 (the “Owner”) AND:
THE CORPORATION OF THE DISTRICT OF NORTH VANCOUVER, a municipal corporation having its office at 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, B.C., V7L 4K1 (the “District”).
Details Here (PDF)

June 6/12: Land Surveys Completed

M3104-12 Riparian SRW M3044-34 Stormwater Easement Lots 5+6
M3044-30 Easement Ped’n Access over Lot B M3044-11 Riparian Lots A+B
M3044-09 Metro SRW M3044-03 Easement Stormwater Lot C
M3043-39 Easement Driveway M3028-18 Subdivision Plan
epp20064signed epp20063signed
epp20062signed epp20061signed
epp20060signed epp20059signed

May 31/12: Dock Permits issued and field work is to commence.
Details Here (PDF)

May 31/12: Dock Permit Archelogical Report Completed.
Details Here (PDF)

Feb 10/12: Letters of Assurance received for Structural Engineering
Details Here (PDF)

Feb 2012: Property Servicing Requirements (General Structural Notes) (David Nairne & Associates) Included structural drawings are as follows: Bridge Plan, Elevation & Abutment Detail; Stair Details & Sections; Bridge Details & Sections.
Details Here (PDF)

2011: Approval Documentation

BERC Application dated June 2008 Response to application June 2008
RE – Response to application June 2008 Extension Letter dated April 2009
Extension Letter dated April 2011 Development Planning Strategies
DNV_Report to Council_April 5 2009 DNV_Report of Public Hearing May 19 2009
Letter – Public Art Requirement DNV_Report to Council August 11 2009
List of Covenants and Agreements per subdivision Port Metro Vancouver – Response to Development Application

2011: Consultants’ Reports and Project Background

Civil and Stormwater Estimate Civil and Stormwater Overview
Geotechnical Report Arboriculture Assessment
Eelgrass Survey 2008 Archaelogical Impact Study
Sustainability Approach Provincial Approval of Archeology Study

2011: Plans

Webster Engineering Plans Forma Design – Planting Plan
Forma Design – Landscape Plan Topographic Plan

Sept 14/09: Rezoning and Development Permit carried. Bylaw 7734, rezoning the properties at 3707-3739 Dollarton Highway from Single-Family Residential One Acre Zone (RS1) to Single Family Residential 7200 Zone (RS3) and Natural Parkland. A Development Permit 05.08 for Protection of the Natural Environment and Streamside Protection be issued for the subdivision of the properties at 3707-3739 Dollarton Highway.
20 page report (PDF 7.8MB)

May 19/09: A Public Hearing on Bylaw rezoning amendments is scheduled for 7:00pm TUESDAY, in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Hall, 3’55 West.Queens Road, North Vancouver, B.C., to provide an opportunity for’Council to hear from those who believe they may be affected by the Bylaw rezoning amendments.
Details Here (PDF)

June 2008: Archaeological Impact Assessment. No archaeological remains were encountered during the field survey of the subject property, and it is believed that no such remains exist within this profoundly altered setting. Therefore, proposed redevelopment of the three lots at 3707, 3715, and 3739 Dollarton Highway will not impact protected archaeological resources. The likelihood that undiscovered archaeological remains exist within the subject property is considered to be low.
See Detailed Report (PDF)

Latest Drawings

Ebrahim Subdiv-Jan5_09-layout

Ebrahim Subdiv-Jan5_09-planting

Storm and Sanitary

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